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Bam's Journal

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

8:07PM - my new favorite website.


I can't say enough about it: art, poetry, music. I'm def. going to submit!!!


Current mood: satisfied

7:54PM - poetry on the body.


This is a pretty cool idea...


Current mood: artistic

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

10:57PM - a must see.

http://www.banksy.co.uk/ - this is incredible.

Current mood: relaxed

9:27PM - words...butterfly orgy

http://www.chrissilva.com/word/words.html interesting poetry; butterfly orgy is interesting...


Current mood: complacent

9:18PM - I like this.


I don't know why but I do.


Current mood: artistic

9:15PM - artwork

http://www.kensigafoos.com/gallery.htm - incredible art that I hope to print out when I get back to a UNCW printer. Elvis is probably my favorite.


Current mood: artistic

Sunday, March 2, 2003

2:56AM - get crafty; get wild


This sounds like a good plan to me. A new way to throw around my change.

Get Crafty,


Current mood: creative

2:33AM - some things.

Inspired by http://completesquare.org/ 's Feb. 28th entry (and having a bout of insomnia on the side):

Things You May (Or May Not) Know About Me:

-I'm on a mission to limit my soda intake to recovering from alcohol drinking only.

-To cut down on coffee; it might be asking too much of me to go cold turkey lol.

-Victoria was my favorite Spice Girl, and as zany as they were, how could I resist a British group of girls to cheer me up when I'm sick? lol That's what Spiceworld was for lol

-I don't own any Prince albums :(

-I love to karoake and if I could memorize schoolwork like I do songs, I would be in the top ten of my class.

But I'm not. ;)


Current mood: chipper

Thursday, February 27, 2003

1:00PM - blah.

First day I've broken my temperature. Unforchantly, my back is kicking my ass and I'm weak as hell. :( Blah!!

Just wanted to say hi to my friend Roxi, what's up Rox? :)

I miss my girlfriend, my voice is semi back now so maybe I can hold a convo w/o sounding like I'm dieing lol.

I've missed a week worth of school and work, wonder who will shoot me first? I have a note for work, and the docs can't write one to my professors so that's what the copy machine is for. What good is a person who has a 101 fever that could spread through a class room like wildfire and just needs to sleep? Exactly my point too.

Life's so unexciting when you're sick though. I feel bad b/c I have nothing to say really. OMG, I just looked at the map, NC is looking nasty today!

apple juice is my friend.

Current mood: drained

Monday, February 24, 2003

4:58PM - monday.

Hey everyone,

I remembered to write today. Woke up (if I ever slept, had nightmares all night) to a 103 degree fever; so that killed my day. Feeling tons better now; all this thanks to a sore throat last night. Figures.

Friday was wonderful night of some bellafea. Always nice seeing Heather and Nathan and his great gf; as well as the girls (Olivia, Lynn, Kristen) and Jeremy and some nice people here and there. Hung out with this cool girl Raven I met on yahoo and had a rockin' good time.

Spent my Sat. writing and I don't remember much else other than talking to my wonderful girlfriend. :) I am going to call her in a bit - I didn't get a chance to talk to her yesterday.

Sunday, I fought my sore throat and saw my greatgrandfather for a few minutes. That was nice, he's lost a tooth since I last saw him b/c of his age, so that was a little hard to see but his dog was happy to see Taryn and I. Watched WWE No Way Out. Fun for the most part; grade B-/C.

Monday, stayed sleeping other than when I got up to put a cold cloth on my head and neck until 1. Watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. WHAT A MOVIE. I'm buying it and now wish I did b/c the DVD/VCR we have built in couldn't tape it :(. I still have to watch Undercover Brother.

Heard from my journalism girl group from last semiester. Laura has a 'real' job now - thank God, go girl! Mel is doing well as well and think good thoughts for her to get into grad school. And I always see Jen in class and I still get to tell her about Kevin's blunder.


Current mood: blah

Thursday, February 13, 2003

4:46PM - question

Do you know who our 21st US President was? I didn't either until I was doing research for something to write about for my poetry class and saw his incredibly cool gravestone. Chester Alan Arthur. Now how could a person forget the name President Arthur? He was never taught in my US History classes. More as I read the 20 pages I printed out on his life to see if I can possibly find something creative to write about.


Current mood: curious

Saturday, February 8, 2003

3:55PM - long time, no talk

I'm debating whether or not to go to the basketball game today. I'm feeling wiped out after talking with my ex. I'm not sure what to do with myself. I have a book to read, a paper to write, web work to do. I kept on waking up this morning thinking I had class. Today's Saturday so what's wrong with me? I fell asleep at 11:30 last night. I miss my girlfriend and I need some good music.


Current mood: contemplative

Wednesday, January 1, 2003

12:56PM - happy new year //

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! Hope everyone was safe and had a blast!

After a year of ups and downs, screwy roommates, family drama, strange relationships, etc - here I am, in 2003 with a fresh start of sorts.

My new year's was spent with my family watching wrestling tapes, Dick Clark and Star Trek (don't you loveee that combination) with my good friend Rob. That was pretty interesting. I know if I drank more, Rob and I would have been more goofy then we normally are together lol. :). Thank you for coming to hang out Rob - I shall never feel like a loser for sure now. I called Rach, so excited about her upcoming visit in a few weeks. I really couldn't ask for a better way to start of the new year with! It's a nice, rewarding change for me.

Just want to thank all my friends who have been my rock for the last two years especially and the new friends I met recently. Kat, wouldn't have my journey without you...thank you for protecting me and being there for me during all the hell. Amy/Shelby - you guys are crazy but I love you guys - hope we can all hang out together soon for another crazy girls night - hopefully before I get my own place again (whenever that is). Heather - another year of growth - thanks for your support of me - glad to have you in my life... Ann - it's been some year but let's have a better one alright? Love ya A!

If I didn't name you - don't be offended...in my thoughts.

Blessings, health, growth, fun, cure for hangovers and do good things. I was just asked my New Year's Resolution (as my friend stated his was to stop trying to be with me, life is sooo ironic):

To have a happy year. And those who know me...know that I'm not kidding.


Current mood: hopeful

Saturday, December 28, 2002

11:10AM - thoughts.

I wish I could go try acupuncture - today would be a good day [neck and back trouble]. It's gotta be stress from yesterday. Plus I let everything build before I show any kind of dumping of emotion - so I'm trying to find a center space of concentration today so I won't have a bad day.

I need to get back into reading again. It's so strange to be a English major and read very very little on my free time. Usually it's autobiographies, so don't be surprised. It's really crazy - I don't understand it. I just have favorites though - and most authors that my friends have heard of that they expect me to know - I've never read their work. I think it's sad on my part. I loved workshop classes though - I always will - I will always find writers that are much better than me in my eyes. So I can worship their genius. My poetry class, this past one, the most talented group of people - with good hearts - that I've seen in so long. heather would have enjoyed it - but it's all good. Thank God that I have most of those people in my final installment of that class. Whoo!

Coffee - mm. Keeping me calm today. I was watching Avril Lavigne (holy crap I spelled her last name right on one try?) on CNNi, she didn't look she really wanted to do the music room interview with the cute girl. Poor thing. I like her though - I don't care - she's got style, edgy from most music you see .. and any chick who can wear a tie and look that hot - yay.

http://rw.blogspot.com/ - blog I'm reading today.
http://www.soapboxgirls.com/dec00/resources/index.html - getting ready to surf through this page too.


Current mood: discontent

9:24AM - r.i.p. hunter

This is in honor of my dog Hunter, a 90+ lb German Shepard who we had to put down yesterday b/c he had a epliplectic seizure in our living room, came out of it but didn't remember anyone at first and was growling, salivitated, etc. It's the more humane thing to do - though it wasn't easy - and the fact he didn't remember us at first - the chances of him relapsing or attacking one of the other dogs during one - it's just too great. Hope he's in a better place - the fact that you never see stuff like that happening - that adds to the hurt of losing a family like member... :(


Current mood: restless

Thursday, December 26, 2002

5:55PM - between angels and ...

I'm at this www.pixlepile.org site - ya know my usual exploring of photos web viewing on my off time - and this site in particular has a good number of religious architecture photographed throughout .. I've noticed my own flirtation with those. When I was visiting Atlanta - after seeing Heather and Nathan (bellafea) perform at the Bad Earl - when Andre and I were exploring the city - I always stopped to take photos of architecture that impressed me. Mostly old churches. I really can't explain it - I think my own flirtation with spirituality since I was 8 .. and to see it in old buildings..or stained glass windows ... or statues of religious figures..just fascinates me.


Current mood: thoughtful

11:44AM - found: best gay man lol

http://www.eastwest.nu/mtblog/archives/000034.html -

This is why I love gay men.

I want to respond to that ad!!

Current mood: enthralled

11:44AM - found: best gay man lol

http://www.eastwest.nu/mtblog/archives/000034.html -

This is why I love gay men.

I want to respond to that ad!!

Current mood: enthralled

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

11:45PM - ...all I want to do is just be true to you..

What a great line. By Dezeray's Hammer.

Merry Christmas everyone..

Drink and be merry..


Current mood: pleased

Sunday, December 22, 2002

12:18PM - good morning

http://douglaspearce.com/ - awesome photography - really never pictured things like he did.

I love creativity. An example of genius: http://douglaspearce.com/vers/ver18/index.php?id=363
- no people sign.

Talking to Kat, Rachael and Mike, lately my three fav. people. Yay.


Current mood: good

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